Saturday, November 19, 2005

So a Deaf Guy Walks into a Bar...

Sounds like an opening to another [adjective] [noun] walks into a bar joke but this is my story of what happened to me last night.

I was sitting in one the bars that I frequent and I noticed a guy walking in and back out of the bar repeatedly. I recognize him as being the deaf guy that hangs out with some of my acquaintances. Especially one guy I play pool with alot named Joe. I flag him down and attempt poorly to ressurect my sign-language skills.

I ask, "looking for j.o.e?"
He signs at me asking if I know how to sign.
I reply by wiggling a flat hand sideways to imply that I know a little. He calls my bluff and grabs a pen and a napkin.

He proceeds to write down about how joe abandoned him as a friend a month ago. He tells me that he is sad because of it.

I tell him that I'm sorry about that and I don't know joe all that well, he is just an acquaintance.
I told him I would talk to Joe about it if he wanted.
He wrote "no", vigorously.

So then we are just sitting there in a moment of uncomfortable silence. I was pondering the irony of having a moment of silence with a deaf guy when he looks at me and mouths silently, "Do you believe in God?"

I wasn't sure if that was actually what he had asked as I don't usually have to read lips often.

I ask silently, "God?"
he nods.
I reply turning my head from left to right quickly with a smile.

He grabs a napkin and starts writing quickly, "I don't blame you, but I know god exists. can you tell me why you don't believe in god?"
I thought about it for a bit, but then decided to write back, "This napkin isnt big enough for me to tell you".
He smiles.

He writes about how the experiences in his life lets him know there is a God.

Well, normally I'd just smile and say, "cool".
I had a feeling that he wanted to preach to me via napkin so I had to break out one of my favorite quotes. This quote does pretty good at getting christians to pipe down and not sermon me.

(the napkin got clipped in my scanner..It reads:
I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other [possible] gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.[--Stephen F Roberts] I repect your beliefs, though.)

He reads it. Then he reads it again.

He then flips over the napkin and starts to write on the other side...stops and flips it back over and reads it again...flips it to the other side and writes...

Him: Are you against me?

I shake me head in a "no" fashion followed with a smile.

He writes: Thanks.

I write: You seem like a great person.

We shake hands and he leaves.

The bar owner "and fellow atheist" asks me what that was all about. and I explain to him that he was upset about his friend Joe and I explain about the religious discussion.

I ask, " Hey Don..Do you know what is up with all that about Joe?"

Don mutters something incoherant. He is quite a drinker and sometimes with the noise in the bar combined with his old age and slurred can be pretty had to hear what he says. "..mrrph..mrrph...boyfriend..mphh..mummuurph"

The only thing I caught was..."boyfriend".

I ask Don, "that guy is gay?"

Don says(clearly this time), "you didn't know?"

I exclaimed loudly, "But he is a christian!"

Don says, "Queers have Gods, too"! I laughed loudly. Don's drunken old-guy antics amuse me.

I'd just like to know if Joe found out that the deaf guy was gay and that is why he is distancing himself(I doubt this because Joe hangs out with a very liberal group) . Or if it is that he doesnt get along with the deaf guys boyfriend(Who I don't know, but when I replay Don's gibberish-like statement in my head, I kind of get the feeling that is it).

Im pretty sure Joe isn't gay. I hope he isn't simply for all the times he explained how lonely he is and I replied, "You'll find the right girl eventually, enjoy being single!"

There are somethings that I really like to know when it comes to that bar. I digress though; I shouldn't even care.

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