Friday, November 18, 2005

How Spin and Deception Works

Sean says with a bit of interest in his voice, "Hey Tom, I see you got a PDA there. It is very small!"

"I can fit it in my pocket!" Tom replies happily.

"Awesome!" "But you better look in my office..." says Sean sheepishly. Tom looks in the office and sees a HUGE computer.

Wall to wall computing!

"Amazing" says Tom. "It must be one of the biggest, best computers on earth!"

"It sure is.", says Sean with a confident smile. "It sure is."

Looks like Sean scored a powerful computer doesnt it?

But lets compare :

Big computer (ILLIAC IV)

Processing Power: 13MHz

Memory: 1MB

Cost : $31 million

(Little computer)Palm Tunsten T5

Pocessor: 416MHz

Memory: 215MB

Cost: $349

What am I getting at?

Remember during the election when Sean Hannity held up a map bragging about how red the country is?

It really does have alot of red on it!

(red being counties that voted republican of coarse)

So they bragged and bragged about how liberalism is dying, and how "made up the countries mind is".

Just another News day there on Fox News Channel.

Red on the Population Density Map means something else. It means more dense population.

The red on this map contains the majority of US population.

For some reason the poeple who lived in an urban setting and not in a farm or a small town tend to be pretty liberal.

"As people do better, they start voting like Republicans - unless they have too
much education and vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good
-Karl Rove

And what is it about small town rural settings that seem to navigate people away from the ideas that liberals share?

I have a few theories:

Many out in the country are very zealous about thier beliefs

Even to the point to where they will use religion to hate, attack, and even kill people that they do not like.

I would never make a blanket statement about people who do not live near a city. Especialy since I grew up in a small rural community. I fed cows and "Bucked Bails" of hay. But I also went to the churches and listen to them talk over the dinner table. I learned religion is stronger than anyone can imagine in the xenophobic farmlands of America. The country-side is a place where the liberal idea of religious and racial tolerance is not considered a virtue.

Holy-hate is applauded and respected by many "country-folks".

I had been threatened and even assaulted because I didn't "love Jesus" when I lived out in the country. And that, my friends, is the heart of christianity: Believe what you've been told, don't ask questions, and pity/disconnect with the ones that do not share your views. That is what they tried to teach me. I thought others would not buy it, too.

I was wrong.


S Scafe said...

Its amazing how people like you can twist even the most innocent of things into nastiness and evil. Funny how what I learned from going to church is understanding and forgiveness. Not the hatred that you speak of. You realize that sometimes people only learn that which is already inside them. That is an important thing to remember. I know so many people who claim to be "open minded." Yet they don't want to listen to any theory or opinion that doesn't support their own belief. Just because you think its okay for people to be gay, black, pink, orange, liberal or whatever doesn't make you open minded, unless you are willing to listen to both sides before making up your mind.

freezingprocess said...

There is nothing innocent about a set of ideas being imposed on people that encourage them to hate or oven just look down/pity people that do not believe as they do.

And because religion is a fallacy to begin with, why teach it at all?