Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Decreationism of Intelligent design

So it is been to my understanding that there is a large group who believes that people were created by a singular being. They believe that the human body is too complex to have happened by evolution. Oddly enough, they don't believe that a deity is complex enough to be affected by thier hypothesis.

I'll grant them that God doesn't apply to our crazy logic. I do this because they need the handicap.

Here is why I believe in evolution:
Appendix : Wisdom Teeth : Dog Toes : Pseudogenes : The Fossil Record : The people that believe in creation : Everything Else

Christians see science as a direct threat to them.
They also seem to act like the things written in a book that is ancient and absurd is more trustworthy than theories and ideas from educated and intelligent people in the scientific community.

What exacerbates the whole situation is how much christians lie!
Christianity = ONLY the bible can explain the ice age Don't be swayed by this guys education. He is a liar. This is the truth.

These are lies as well:

  • human footprints alongside dinosaurs
  • human artifacts found among dinosaur bones
  • a geological column that is almost never in the "proper" order described by geologists
  • proof from all over the world of a worldwide Flood
  • the "NASA computer" that revealed the "extra day" when the sun stopped to give the Israelites more time to conquer Jericho
  • the deep hole geologists drilled and then had to fill in hurriedly when they heard the screams from Hell
  • Darwin's "deathbed recantation" (the "Lady Hope" story)

If you have to lie to justify something you believe in then what you believe is a lie.

If you really go back and see how many things were believed to be scripture then discovered they were false. Like the roundness of the earth.

Christians killed people for proclaming the world was round. They fucking killed people!!!

Now we know the world is not flat, but indeed round.

And what is the Christians response? "Oh.. the four corners of the earth is just a figure of speech. no one ever said the earth is flat!" This is a lie. When the bible was written the four corners was a reference the the fact that most people back then believed that the earth was not only flat, but square as well... How wrong can you get!?

Tower of Babel, anyone?

The great flood?

We were all procreated by Adam and Eve, or Noah; shouldn't we all be about the same color?

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Louie Van Deven said...

My only problem with evolution is infinite regression. It is a great theory for explaining the diversity of life, but it cannot explain how life arose in the first place.